Translating into ease

My work is often a trial to translate difficult or uncomfortable topics into ease.
Materials, surfaces, spaces and movements are brought into a content and aesthetic context. Employing a diverse practice that includes installation, object, drawing and photography, an interaction of order and movement arises.
The ease unfolds itself playfully through the materials I use, such as paper, glass fiber, fleece, threads, the use of everyday stuff and the reduced use of color.
Starting with the wall as a conventional presentation surface, on which I first create an order, the work is installed into the room playfully. Once standing in space, it moves into motion. The viewer comprehends the work in his approach to the movement and realizes it through my occasionally active call for interaction, often supported by playful elements.


„I create site specific works, employing traditional artistic media as well as everyday and industrial materials. Working alone in a showroom I design pieces and installations responding to the particular layout of that place. I´m interested in the process how a work emerges and its subsequent evolution. One core element is the architecture of form. My greatest concern is to transform difficult subjects into ease. I emphasizes the aesthetic moment, that is the beauty in the relation between material, composition, colour and form.“